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Health Update +

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Health Update +

The Health Update app and CMS prototype is a client ready demo solution which can be used and branded to your specifications. With a focus on broadcasting information to specific groups of users and two way engagement with a response system, it’s the perfect, easy to use solution.

If you are looking for a solution across any sector of the marketplace we can make this app and CMS bespoke to fit your needs.

It couldn’t be easier for users to sign up to the app and select from a list of groups, subject matters or organisations they wish to receive information from.

Once they are signed up you / our business can push information and updates to these specific users even narrowing it down to age brackets and location, e.g. over 60’s living in a particular borough. The two-way messaging means you can ask these end users questions with a yes / no response and gather solid data sets for analysis.

Originally designed for use in the healthcare sector during the Covid-19 pandemic, this app can be applied to any business or service wanting to engage with it’s users.

*Full rights to this solution are the intellectual property of QuayTech Enterprises Ltd.


Health Update +


9th June 2021


App design