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Toddlers and Tech

Anybody else just sit and marvel at how babies and toddlers respond to the technology around them? From the age of one our little girl could hack into a locked iPhone and through the medical ID manage to call our emergency contacts (this led to lots of prank calling and apologies!)

Admittedly, now at the age of 2, that tech savviness only served to grow exponentially. She can now adeptly call, use the speaker, switch to FaceTime and have full on conversations, we’re hoping she is almost ready to be our company Secretary! She checks the weather app and gives me the days forecast, navigates around streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney and Prime with ease, and expertly works the camera.

Since her birth we have spent time researching what would be effective and stimulating for her at each stage of her development. We thought this might be a good opportunity to hear from you, open up the debate about toddlers and tech and and use it as a sharing platform for educational and entertaining solutions for our kids.

A Harvard Study carried out in 2015 found that by the age of 2 around 77% of toddlers were using phones or mobile devices every day, i can’t help but think that 7 years later this figure has to have grown.

’’It's hard as a parent to find the right balance and structure for your kids using technology. To harness the balance of entertainment and education at an early stage is critical. The phone shouldn't be there as a substitute for effective and interactive parenting but it really can be a useful tool.’’ Deb

Here’s a few we are using at the moment;

Pok Pok (App Store only)
We’ve been using this for over a year now and she loves it! Its a great mix of shapes, sounds, drawing and more to promote cognitive development. Current subscriptions available at £53.99 per annum or £8.99 monthly.

Baby Games for 2,3,4 year olds – Bimi Boo)
Only recently downloaded this but it’s a really good app for matching sizes, shapes, colours etc. Some of the UI is a bit poorly designed for tiny fingers where they have to pull and drag shapes from the top of the screen to the bottom because it pulls down your notifications centre on iPhone getting her a bit frustrated and meaning she needs more assistance than on other apps. Free app to download, unlock more levels for just £3.99.

This is an interactive / animation reading app which allows users to have books read to them or read themselves. There are loads of different stories available and the 3D / AI characters are really well done. A great way to get kids to do a whole book without the usual distractions / attention span issues.
Current subscription offer for annual billing at £29.49.



Do you have the next big idea? Maybe we could work on developing that into a product for you? DM us to chat.

What apps do you really rate for kids and why? Comment below and share the love.

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