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What is prototyping?

When we talk about prototyping your digital solution what we really mean is giving you what looks, feels and functions like the finished article so you get the most realistic view if the end result. Whereas some companies will define this as giving the client a set of static wireframes, here at QuayTech we believe there’s only so far wireframes can take you so we go the extra mile. You will receive from us a fully stitched Adobe XD prototype of the designs and user flows (the only difference from the end product is the absence of back end development (the inner workings and connectivity).
Prototyping, when carried out efficiently and frequently, is a time and cost-effective way to refine digital products and make sure everyone involved is on the same page and because we work in this way consistently it benefits the channels of communication between our designers, developers and project managers so everybody wins.

How would a prototype of my solution benefit me?

Prototyping has so many advantages, the main one being client interaction, engagement and control. You as the client can be even more confident in signing off everything from branding, user flows, style, layout (basically every aspect of the look, feel and usability (what we commonly refer to as UX / UI). We use Adobe XD so you can pin comments to the designs for any tweaks or changes you want us to make before signing off your solution to go into the next stages of development.

On the flip side, let’s say you have an amazing idea but you don’t have the funds to fully complete your project, a prototype is a great way to pitch your idea to investors as they to will experience the look and feel of the finished product. Having a prototype massively increases your chances of successfully attaining investors. You can also use these interactive prototypes for user group testing, market research and pitching to potential members, subscribers, users of any type.

The possibilities are endless!

’’ Interactive prototyping just takes everything you do to the next level, it immerses the client in the process which is priceless in terms of both satisfaction and engagement. ’’ Heron Palmer, Creative Director

How can I get QuayTech to do this for me?

Contact us to discuss your idea and we will follow up with a proposal explaining the various options available to you in line with your time, budget and technical requirements. A state of the art prototype is just a few clicks away, what are you waiting for?

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